The Power Of Red

the power of red

It was a regular day. I was setting in the beauty salon where I was doing my nails and my hair. I have decided to color my hair red. Not all of it! Just the tips. My mother was with me. But she left the salon sooner because she was doing just the nails. We also knew from the morning that my grandmother doesn’t feel so well. So my mother knew that my aunt would take my grandmother to the hospital. She was in a rash after doing the nails. She had driven with my father to the hospital. In the meantime, I was hoping that everything is ok. The time is passing by. My hair is becoming more and more red when suddenly my mom is calling me and telling me the harsh news, my grandmother is just died. This is a fact that I just needed to accept at the moment immediately. I knew that this is what my mother needs. She needs me now, and I need the power to be by her side. A few moments later, my father is calling me and telling me that he is at the way home to take my sister to the hospital and asking me if I will join them. And I say: “Of course” even that I know that the barber hasn’t finished the job, nor the manicurist. I knew in my mind that the time that will take to complete their task is longer than the time that it will take to my father to come over for me. Yet, I was optimistic.
I told the women who were taking care of me to hurry up. They understood it, and started to cooperate to finish their job so I can go. Long story short, I found my self getting out from the Salone doors with my red hair. The interesting and the not very rational thing about all of it was when I touched my hair, I felt instant power, instant energy that was flowing from the top of my head, down to my body. This energy was helping me on my way to the hospital, this energy enabled me to accept and overcome the death of my beloved grandmother, and the most important thing is that: this energy helped me to support my mother in all of the sorrowing times. I felt like I was by her side as nobody else could be because nobody else had this power! And every time that I felt that my strength has weakened. I charged myself with a little bit of red. You probably think:” What is this crazy girl saying, If I want the power to overcome things and the ability to help others to do it should I color my hair in red or should I wear a red shirt all day long?

The power to make a change

So no! This isn’t what I am saying. I say that, red color has helped me to find my power and my strength, but it was already there because the power was inside of me. The red is just the material thing the helped me to make it real in the physical world. The red is the tool to make a change in the world of others. The motive is the will power to do good and to help others.
Think about it.
What is your Motive?
What are you willing to do to make a change in your life and at the life of others?

Published by Bell Free

Hello, I'm Bell. Bell Free is not my real name but this is the creative name that i have chose for my site. I have studied literature and theater in Tel Aviv university. Writing is my passion! I had passed in the last year a very powerful process. It was mental in the beginning and than turned out to be spiritual. In this place i will try my best to share it with you for the purpose of giving you the opprtunity to pass a process like this by yourself and get your own happiness and freedom that you deserve to get in your life.

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