Freedom is happiness

In the last ten Months i had been through a very big experience that i want to share with you. My whole life I felt like my disire is to be a writer but I didn’t knew how to do it. And every time that an opportunity knoked on my door I refused to it because I felt like thers got to be another way that is better for me, But also because i was afraid and was blind to see it when it was always around me. Life put me through a very tough mental experience that leaded me to find my true power and evantully i developd the freedom that i was looking for my whole life. This freedom leeds me to love and leeds me to my pure Designation and this is to write and spread my love and passion throgh writing. I believe that if you free yourself from yourself you can by truly happy And blissful. When it happens Everyone around you will be happy and the world will be much better place.

Published by Bell Free

Hello, I'm Bell. Bell Free is not my real name but this is the creative name that i have chose for my site. I have studied literature and theater in Tel Aviv university. Writing is my passion! I had passed in the last year a very powerful process. It was mental in the beginning and than turned out to be spiritual. In this place i will try my best to share it with you for the purpose of giving you the opprtunity to pass a process like this by yourself and get your own happiness and freedom that you deserve to get in your life.

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