Who do you think you are?

“No one is you and that is your power”

Dave Grohl
This picture reminds me of love, reminds me of freedom, remind me of my passion and new biggings…

Don’t let anyone else to determine who you are!

One of the biggest questions that I have been asking myself my whole life, and I think that it is one of the biggest questions that anyone can ask himself is: Who am I? It sound’s like a ridiculous question and you probably have a million ridiculous answers to it: What does it mean who am I? I am a person, I am a leaving beeing, but as you go own and think about it you are starting to realize that you don’t have a facking clue who you are! This is the exact thing that happened to me. When I fell into depression, the whole world that I knew before fulled apart. I lost myself, my wellbeing. It was like I am falling into this endless abyss and I can’t stop it and I don’t know what to do. The one thing that I knew is that I want to recover myself and that I want to feel good. Then, inside all the chaos that has been running into my head, I have found the only true power that no one can take from me and this is the power of my true will. When I began my prosses I didn’t know what will happen and how my life will change but I was ready to do everything that it takes to recover from my mental illness That wasn’t just depression. I also had delusions and a lot of pain in my body and in my brain. Only a person who had experienced it know how difficult it can be. It is almost unbearable! Most of the people that I know suffer from mental illness they whole life! But I have decided that it is not gonna be my case. I have decided to fight back. To deal with my brain, to deal with my Unconscious mind. When the psychiatrist wanted to give me pills to “help” me with my depression I refused to take any pills. Why?! Because Pills doing the work for you and if something or someone doing the work for you it always gonna be worse than you doing the work for yourself. Don’t try to find the easy way because it’s gonna beat you In the ass. It was harsh it was painful, I was going through hell but it was worse it! Why? Because I became a better person, a better version of myself. Now I can answer for myself the question that I began with, the question that I was questioning my whole life.

But think about it, Do you want to know who am I or do you want to know who you are? I can tell you the answer but you wouldn’t believe it cause you didn’t start the process, you don’t want enough to make a change in your life and to discover who you really are. But if these words did anything to you, so you are in the right way. Start with good thinking. start with the arise of your power of will!

If you are still thinking about my discovery of who I am I will tell you but it won’t make a difference if you didn’t feel this desire to explore yourself and your understanding of life. So here it is:

I am whole. I am part of the universe. I am a big power. I am energy. I am who I am. I am a god. You are a god. We are all god!

You Are The Power

Published by Bell Free

Hello, I'm Bell. Bell Free is not my real name but this is the creative name that i have chose for my site. I have studied literature and theater in Tel Aviv university. Writing is my passion! I had passed in the last year a very powerful process. It was mental in the beginning and than turned out to be spiritual. In this place i will try my best to share it with you for the purpose of giving you the opprtunity to pass a process like this by yourself and get your own happiness and freedom that you deserve to get in your life.

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